Are Marxists for peace?

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In our 4/26/02 discussion titled "A Marxist Look at the War," we said that:


1. Truth is objective and comes from material reality


2. The dominant economic form today on Earth today is capitalism


3. The built-in nature of capitalist systems causes them to be forced to expand


4. As capitalists are forced to seek new resources, markets, and investment centers, they come into conflict with others who hold or are seeking the same things. This has been true of capitalism since it began in the 17th century.


5. Capitalist systems' drives for political control characterizes modern imperialism.


6. War is one of the ways that such political control comes about


7. Henry Ford said, "Show me who is making the profit, and I will show you how to stop the war."


We discussed several possible readings. At the front of the list was Lenin's booklet, "Imperialism," especially the last chapter. A lot of older Marxist writing is on-line at


I didn't take notes as I should have, but I remember some of the suggestions for further investigation that really struck me:


What aspects of our culture support war making?


What is the relationship between war and globalization? How do the IMF, WTO, and World Bank fit in?


What is the relationship between attacks against rights and living standards within the U.S. and foreign wars?


What commonalities exist between the different countries that have been targeted: Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Yugoslavia, Somalia, Iraq, Philippines, and Colombia?


What commonalities exist between the likely future targets: Iraq, Korea, Iran, Cuba, Syria, Aregentina, and Venezuela?


It is the height of cynism for us to become knowledgeable about war unless we use our knowledge to take an active part in anti-war struggle. The North Texas Coalition for a Just Peace,, is an important group that meets at 7PM on the 1st and 3rd Mondays in Peace Center, Bryan & Peak. Please consider carefully the importance of unity in the anti-war effort


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